MagicCon Cup Tournaments

MagicCon Cup Tournaments

Grab the deck of your favorite format and join one of the special new series of events at MagicCons in 2024!

A Challenging (between Social and Competitive) event bringing format fans together for fun, prizes, bragging rights, exclusive playmats and a trophy. MagicCon Cup Tournaments are great for experienced players looking to try out competitive Magic play and show they are one of the best in their chosen format.

MagicCon Cup Tournament winners will have a professional photo taken with their trophy, and the top 8 players will all receive a Top 8 playmat. 

MagicCon Cup Tournaments are available for: Legacy, Modern, Standard, Pauper, Pioneer and Duel Commander.

Tournament Information

Entry: €45

Constructed Tournament: Format legal deck required.

REL: Swiss Rounds - Regular Plus, Top 8 - Competitive

Rounds: Rounds based on attendance, Max 7, 50-minute Swiss rounds, Cut to Top 8

Decklists: Digital decklists submitted via are required.

Prizes (per player per round)

  • Win: 1,800 Prize Tixs
  • Loss: 600 Prize Tixs

Top 8 Prizes:

  • Participation in Top 8: Top 8 Playmat
  • 1st: 10,000 Prize Tixs, Winner Playmat and Trophy
  • 2nd: 6,000 Prize Tixs
  • 3rd - 4th: 4,000 Prize Tixs
  • 5th - 8th: 2,000 Prize Tixs

Duel Commander

Legacy Cup

Modern Cup

Pauper Cup

Pioneer Cup

Standard Cup