Magic Play

Ticketed Play Event Schedule

Register for casual play events or competitive tournaments and win prizes!

Amsterdam 75k Modern Open

Fans of large, Modern tournaments with five-figure prize pools should start preparing for the 75k Open event at MagicCon: Amsterdam!

Secret Lair Showdown

Participate in the Secret Lair Showdown where the competition is big, but the prizes are bigger!

Pro Tour Qualifier

Play in the Pro Tour Qualifier at MagicCon: Amsterdam to earn your spot at the first Pro Tour in 2025! 

League Play

Leagues are low stakes, all day events without the need for scheduled matches. With judges helping you find a match; you can drop in and out of league play all day.

On Demand Events

Available for onsite purchase only, these play events are perfect for players who don’t have time to commit to a scheduled event but still want to play for prizes.

Prize Tix & Prize Wall

Learn more about Prize Tix and what you can redeem on the Prize Wall here!  

Command Zone

Command Zone is a dedicated area for players to play Commander and is a great place to meet new friends.

Play Style Event Tags 

To help players differentiate play offerings and choose events best suited for their play wants, we are implementing Social, Challenging, and Competitive ticketed play events.

MagicCon Cup Tournaments

Grab the deck of your favorite format and gear up to challange fellow MagicCon attendees in this special series of events: MagicCon Cup Tournaments!

Sunday Sealed and Stacked

Feeling competitive? Play in the Sunday Sealed and Stacked event to win big and revel in all the glory!

Legacy for Original Artwork

Calling all Legacy players! Join us for an exclusive chance to win a piece of Magic history—original Magic: The Gathering Artwork.

Brian David-Marshall presents Commander at MagicCon: Amsterdam

Join Brian David-Marshall throughout the weekend to chat, play, and learn all about the amazing history of Commander!