Ticketed Play Schedule

Ticketed Play Schedule

CLICK HERE to purchase Ticketed Play Events! You must purchase a badge for MagicCon: Amsterdam to participate in any Ticketed Play Event. 

  • If you have not purchased a badge for MagicCon: Amsterdam, click the red “Buy Badges” button at the top of the screen. Once you complete your badge purchase, select the orange “Register for Ticketed Play Events” option.

  • If you have already purchased a badge for MagicCon: Amsterdam, click here and login to your Leap account to purchase Ticketed Play Events. If you are unable to login, select “Click here to reset your password” 

  • If someone else purchased a badge for you, they may purchase Ticketed Play Events on your behalf. Please contact your purchaser for assistance. 

Need help registering for Ticketed Play Events? CLICK HERE for a visual how to guide! 


  • Ticketed Play Event sales will close 1 hour prior to their start time. You must purchase an event at least one hour ahead of its scheduled start time.

  • Team scheduled Ticketed Play Event Entry fees are for the full team.

  • Please make your purchases carefully. Once purchased, Ticketed Play Events are non-refundable and cannot be reproduced, resold, or upgraded.