Play Style Event Tags

Play Style Event Tags at MagicCon

To help players differentiate play offerings and choose events best suited for their play wants, we are implementing a new naming convention for ticketed play events. This system will help to define the target audience for that particular event.

Play Styles


You want to have fun with your friends while playing. You prioritize doing fun plays and having an enjoyable game state. You ultimately don’t mind too much if you win or lose.


A mixture of the two groups, you want to win the game to some extent, but also want to have an enjoyable and relatively simple game state.


Your ultimate goal is to win the game and to do it as efficiently as you can. You enjoy clashing with other decks, making tough decisions and navigating tricky card interactions.

Importantly, events with the Competitive tag do not automatically mean they require decklists. Please check each ticketed play event description for further details.